Dirty Red

Dirty Red

Said the ones calling him Brother,
tainted his story
As Cain did Abel…

How filthy they were
How they made his children’s face immortal
…with body matter they could taste
Spotted with coagulation, his plasma
& platelets
…made them cannibalize
They served him up for them to eat it up
broken pieces as spare parts,
with their cannibal eyes,
they hungered for his wisdom
yet not the steps climbed to become wise.

The hands of his wife
with blood still blue, splashed and sprayed
while his heart still pumped away
pressurized by the pump action
sawed off gage,
pumped hard at close range
He reached his Mecca
long before he lay slain
and the heart of the fighter
turned peacemaker,
broken by the brutality
of how dirty he was made.

He was once Dirty Red,
but god is what he became
his insight was keen
& in his autopsy they said his system
was completely clean
Next time you’re on that google thing
Research the dirt they did
Knowledge, they said, he feigned it
…but the legacy of information left behind
can not be tainted
& the friends he left behind
felt his life was wasted
yet he knew his death was imminent
so as eminence, he, face it

He… Little, “Dirty Red”
also know as El-Hajj Malik El-Shabazz
better known as Malcolm X
…lives beyond martyrdom
yet, in my eyes, as freedom

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